Night’s Black Agents – A Trip To Q-Branch

A couple of quick provisos before I launch in:

1:  This is my first GUMSHOE game and, as such, some errors may occur.  I’m happy to edit the article to address the mistakes once I learn of them but all this is by way of saying “Don’t treat this as gospel”.

2:  Some of my thinking is going to be vague as I haven’t playtested or run the game yet.  I’ll try to make some sense of the story in how it relates to the adventure design process but there is a paranoid part of me that doesn’t want to spoil everything here for fear of a potential player spotting it.  To be honest the viewing stats should disabuse me of that concern.

3:  I work in Android and don’t possess the knowledge to adequately provide an iOS alternative.

Onto the article!


The initial idea for this game emerged from Bill Murray’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit.  He was spruiking for his film – Monuments Men – and was discussing the concept of the film and the history that inspired it.  In particular, he talked about how the Nazis hid billions of dollars in gold, jewels, art and other precious things in a place called Merkers Mine.  The contents of the mine were discovered by Allied Forces and seized by Patton and Eisenhower until it was returned to the German people and those victimised by the Nazi Party. Continue reading


Night’s Black Agents – Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

Every three months or so there is a gathering or roleplayers who come together at a hobby store and hold a mini-convention.  This is Go Play.

Go Play is free and freely encouraged.  The gaming area is free, the GMs are volunteers, the organizers donate nothing outside of time and enthusiasm.  It’s a great day out for players and it’s a great opportunity for people to get to know others outside of their gaming groups.  I love to play and, if required, run a game.

Running a game at Go Play means you’ll get at least one or more new players to work with.  Meeting new people and working with them to create a story keeps me fresh.  It forces new pathways for collaborative storytelling and it gives me an excuse to try out something different. something that wouldn’t fly with my regular groups or something we just don’t have time to try.  For this event, I’m running something I’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet…


Night’s Black Agents. Click to check it out at Drive Thru RPG!

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The Adventures of the Colt Apollo – Reload, Part 1

Jac Lightning gasped!

There wasn’t anything of woman-born that got the Lightning Marshal to do more than raise an eyebrow or narrow a stare – being that the Lightning clan were possessed of a confidence that meant any surprise could, at worst, be shot dead – but for Hans Octavius Wilhem and Wendell Caine, the prospect of racing to their partner’s aid was outdone by the fact that she’d be fixing to shoot somebody and what had caused her to gasp was, in part, their fault.

There were even fewer things got Jac Lightning into petticoats, dresses and corsetry.

One knee braced against her back, two hands pulling back on string that would make any beast of burden, no matter how mistreated, thank its rider for their kindness; the Lightning Marshal swore things to Annie, one of the girls of Etheric Delighs, that would turn the most vicious desperado into a whipped cur.

Annie kept tugging, Jac’s epithet lost as air bolted out of her lungs like a stallion near a wasp nest. The girl had something on her side that trumped a Lightning’s curse:

A Lightning’s pride; and Jac Lightning was going to be a lady, dammit!

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The Adventures of the Colt Apollo: 2nd Round 6th Salvo, Part 2

The bandits watched agog as two leviathans of machinery circled each other. On the ground, the steam driven half-train of Marshal Hans Octavius Wilhem, dragged behind it a huge harpoon gun like a giant iron stinger. High above, the airship of Samuel Spokey Sampson who had dropped a bomb that just missed both the half-train and the bandits nearby and under Spokey’s employ.

Those outlaws were under something much worse now. They knew it. And they knew that the only casualty in a fight like this was the landscape and anyone fool enough standing on it. Continue reading