The Balance Sheet of 2010

The 31st of December, 2010.  This marks the occassion where I looked again at the Manifesto and realised that I’m at least one goal short– writing more.  At the moment I’m wondering what to write and trying to remember all that occurred across the year.  If there is anything I’ll remember 2010 as, it will be the Year of Change.  Not least of this change is that tonight, I won’t be at Dracula’s.  While this is depressing me, it bears reminding that where I to follow this tradition, while I would ring in the New Year with dear friends, I wouldn’t be able to share it with someone who has become so important to me this year.

So there’s a silver lining to that cloud, at least.

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New Year’s Plan

Ahhh, New Years Day, new years laundry. Hardly the stuff of celebrations but while a child swaddled in sheets makes for sublime imagery for the birth of a new year, the same fashion applied to me would just see me arrested.

Besides which, the celebrations occurred last night in one of Dracula’s best shows that I’ve seen in the now five years I’ve attended. Added to that was the joy of being conveyed to and fro by limousine and 2009 was seen off in style. New Years Eve is for revelry; New Years Day is for contemplation.

Maybe that’s why they give us the latter, but not the former, off.

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Screen – Part 10: Pause and Reflect

Ten entries! This makes for a new record…

There are still things I want to talk about when it comes to running a role-playing game but I think here may be a good time to review. Originally the idea of these articles were to encourage me to write about something, as well as to examine my processes toward creativity. Continue reading