Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Screen: Vol 2 – The Shadowrun Rule (Untested)

I’m trying to codify something for my future RPG efforts and it boils down to this:
Are you playing INSERT RPG HERE or are you playing Shadowrun?*

You can tell if you’re playing Shadowrun by answering the following questions:

1:  Do you take the job/quest because it’s the only thing on offer?
2:  Do you spend the majority of time afterward devising the perfect plan?
3:  Do you get frustrated when the plan fails?
4:  Do you do it all over again next game?

My thinking is that if you answer Yes to all questions then you’re playing (or I’m running) a Shadowrun game.  If you’re playing something other than Shadowrun, then its time to reevaluate what and why you’re playing .

*See Behind the Screen #19 for my love/hate relationship with Shadowrun and why I’m using it for this post.


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