The Balance Sheet of 2010

The 31st of December, 2010.  This marks the occassion where I looked again at the Manifesto and realised that I’m at least one goal short– writing more.  At the moment I’m wondering what to write and trying to remember all that occurred across the year.  If there is anything I’ll remember 2010 as, it will be the Year of Change.  Not least of this change is that tonight, I won’t be at Dracula’s.  While this is depressing me, it bears reminding that where I to follow this tradition, while I would ring in the New Year with dear friends, I wouldn’t be able to share it with someone who has become so important to me this year.

So there’s a silver lining to that cloud, at least.

It’s been a while since I’ve started writing so, if you’ll forgive the dry recitation of facts, the following account is based off what I planned for the start of this year:

Obtain new weaponry:  Check!  Finally I have a two-handed sword and it is magnificent.  Good length and weight, well crafted with exceptional balance.  Also I have a buckler which, it has to be said, I’m not as excited about.  Easy to rust, signs of bending in the handle, little panache.  So I shall have to get a new one…

…its worth mentioning that it will be the same size as it predecessor.

Obtain new computer:  Big check on that too.  I’m typing on it which is a different method of posting the year’s account on the Pocket Brain at the laundromat or restaurant.  There were some problems with how its running, one of which I’m not yet ready to attribute to the computer itself, but it is good and fast and I’m not waiting for interminable periods for simple tasks.  Also it allows me to develop my skills with Windows 7.

Continue mingling groups of friends:  While Munchkin Royale (oy, I need to get that sorted) served as a decent opportunity for that to occur, what has been interesting has been the mingling of friends at the gaming and roleplay level.  Neil is running a Wednesday game for the roleplay group, which I can only imagine his concern and hope that his enjoyment outweighs it.  Fencing friends are meeting Steampunk friends.  It’s small, but its working out well.

Get a new apartment:  And a big damn check on that too!  Finally out of the sweatbox that, while conveniently located to shops and transport, would have killed me if I had to post yet another account of how I missed that goal.  I’m living in a bigger and better place, located close to shops and, while I miss the restaurants the old location boasted, the new place is close enough that I can frequent them when money permits.

Attend a photography course:  Nope…  Need to review that goal.

Do better in Swordplay ’10 (or at least beat Justin of ACA):  In terms of ranking, I fell short of what I accomplished last year, but considering who I lost to, I can’t say I feel that disappointed.  I do feel disappointed that I caught a sprained wrist from it, but the people attending the tournament from schools across the nation are of such good spirit that its hard to be angry about it.  I didn’t face Justin but, if it’s possible to believe, he’s improved over the year that I doubt I could have made it interesting, let along win.  Congratulations to him for winning the tournament and, hopefully, I’ll have a chance to cross blades with him next year.

Continue losing weight (rather than losing kilos this goal shall be to get down to a size 72):  I don’t think I’ve made it.  In fact, I’ve likely gained weight, particularly over Christmas.  I shall have to weigh myself at some point and then comfort myself with something fattening.

Develop consistent routine of updating the Manifesto once a week:  Again, a big negatory.  I still have Colt Apollo games to transcribe.  I don’t know what happened toward the latter half of this year but I really haven’t been writing at all.  Could be time, could be that running two games is enough of a creativity outlet, though that’s not the case anymore.  Do I even want to write?

Put aside $100 a fortnight to meet these goals:  Turned out it was a little bit more than that, but, yes, the goals that needed income got it.

To hedge my bets, clear credit card debt by end of year:  Technically, no, a consolidated loan is addressing that goal nicely.

Continue Tae Kwon Do (etc):  I ended up quitting Tae Kwon Do.  Mostly its to do with getting back some time, partly its to do with money and partly its to do with the new location.  I have ideas about a new martial art for 2011 though.

Get to Provost Terza by end of year:  Checkity check check check!

Spend at least one Friday a month catching up with old friends:  I haven’t done the math yet, but if its not a check, then it was close.

Travel to Dracula’s by limousine (because its simply better):  No.

Make or do something new:  I was a Principle Policy Officer for Queensland Health this year.  The challenges, not just of the position but an entirely new environment were a mix of good and bad experiences.  Still, so much of the above goals I could not have accomplished were it not for that role and Jason deserves my thanks for his support, encouragement and friendship during that time.  Thank you.

2010 not only saw the delivery of some goals, but also some of the best and worst times this year.  The worst is easily that I am friends no more with someone who was very dear to me.  And as much as she is angry with me and I with her, there isn’t a day where I don’t miss her.

The best is equally as easy to identify:  I love Samantha and she loves me.  She is someone I’ve waited for, for so long and I’m glad she’ll be here with me to see 2011 begin.

Another friend was able to, if not put a several years long nightmare completely to rest, at least got the justice she fought so hard for.  I’m so happy that she can hopefully move on with her life.

And the oldest of my friends, those back from primary school, got in touch with me after fourteen years.  It’s amazing to see how much has changed yet how much has stayed the same.

It’s been a year of trials, a year of riches and poverty, a year of worry and triumph.  It has been change on a scale unlike most, save for 2006 where I moved to Brisbane.  It, on the whole, has been a good year.

I hope 2011 will be as interesting.


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