New Year’s Plan

Ahhh, New Years Day, new years laundry. Hardly the stuff of celebrations but while a child swaddled in sheets makes for sublime imagery for the birth of a new year, the same fashion applied to me would just see me arrested.

Besides which, the celebrations occurred last night in one of Dracula’s best shows that I’ve seen in the now five years I’ve attended. Added to that was the joy of being conveyed to and fro by limousine and 2009 was seen off in style. New Years Eve is for revelry; New Years Day is for contemplation.

Maybe that’s why they give us the latter, but not the former, off.

At any rate; things I’d like to do in 2010…

You may notice that some of these goals carry from 2009.

Obtain new weaponry

Obtain new computer

Continue mingling various groups of friends

Get a new apartment (Ah that chestnut…)

Attend a photography course (which strikes me as an easier and better alternative than my ‘five shots a week’ goal of yesteryear)

Do better in Swordplay 10 (or, at the very least, beat Justin of ACA)

Continue losing weight (rather than losing kilos though, this goal shall be go down in size to 72 pants)

Develop consistent routine of updating Manifesto once a week.

Put aside $100 dollars a fortnight for express purpose of meeting these goals.

To hedge my bets for the above, clear credit card debt by end of year.

Continue Tae Kwon Do (This seems dull, howabout, obtain red belt by end of year)

Get to Provost Terza by end of year.

Spend at least one Friday a month catching up with old friends.

Travel to Dracula’s by limousine (because it’s simply better)

Make or do something new…

I think, all in all, a merry spread of goals that will vex me to no end of achieving. But it is the attempt that matters, at least it is for me.

Happy New Year everyone. Get excited and make things!

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