Year in Review: 2009

A Year in Review 2009

For those unaware, this is the yearly accounting, the balancing of the books, the time where I see whether I’m happy with 2009 or whether I kept the receipt.

In all, I feel 2009 went well. There were instances where things did get uncomfortable but, for the most part, I feel it worked out to one of my better years. Although, it has to be said, reviewing the goals I had at the start of the year, that, in a measurable sense, I  haven’t accomplished all that I hoped. And while I  am disappointed in myself, it is the recognition of these failings and, more importantly, the attempt to achieve them that matter for me. After all, there is little to feel discontent about.

What I lost a lot of was time. Money too, I suppose, but I felt that there hours in the day where I could be doing more things. Excercise, writing, reading, going out with friends, general improving of myself. While I didn’t get the new apartment (owing to some backdoor things to do with the agent in the beginning, and a lack of funds in the end), I’m still well-placed in my suburb and close to the city and many other activities. While I didn’t get weapons, I did manage to climb the ranks of fencing regardless. The photography plans will have to wait until time permits, but I believe I could be taking more photos, even if it’s not five a week.

While it wasn’t in the spirit of the goal, I had thought to make up the shortfall over Abbey and History Alive, but I was too busy dying in the circle to fit it in.

I haven’t weighed myself lately but I’m sure I  haven’t lost eight kilos. I do know that I’ve come down another pants size and that is what really matters. Still fat, I’m afraid, though not as fat as last year.

Joining Tae Kwon Do is one of the decisions that I’ve been pleased with. Moreso as I’d realised that what I was looking for in a martial art versus what was available wasn’t possible. I like the people and professionalism, the facilities and the comraderie, and I think this will play a big part in 2010

The goal I am pleased about is getting groups of friends to mingle. Munchkin Royale helped a lot with this, though there needs to be more social events where this can occur. The inclusion of Neil in Colt Apollo is something I’m thrilled with in particular

The part I grimace about in 2009 was Delia and I breaking up. I don’t regret the decision, I feel we make better friends and seeing how happy Robert and her are together cements that even more. I was worried that this would also be the end of our friendship and it makes me both happy and relieved in immesurable quantities that we aren’t.

Fencing-wise I’m teaching scholars, which is an obvious improvement in my teaching skills. At least I hope so. The Maestro seems to think so. More importantly, my skills as a fencer have grown and I can’t help but take pride in the recognition of this. I love fencing and to see that improvement makes me happy about 2009 overall and eager for 2010 to develop my skills further.

Two things have been a big part of this. The Swordplay experimental tournament, which allowed me to pit my skills against others of differing schools and philosophies. This sharpened both reflexes and combat awareness and it is this, especially in light of a rematch with Justin at ACA, that got me into Tae Kwon Do so that I could stand on better footing and endurance against him.

The other, and more significant motivator, has been the The Maestro himself. Not just in terms of coaching and support but also in asking or seeking my advice in matters relating to the school. It is near indescribable the pride I have when this occurs and I won’t bog things down in trying to capture it here. But it is the largest part of why I wish to continue and improve.

Work has been the mix of boring and challenging. Project work does seem to contain these in equal measure. I felt I was floundering at the start, doing a poor job and wondered about changing emplyment. Toward the end of it all, I see it was a lack of confidence on my part and I feel as invested in the project as those who have been working on it years before I joined.

Also, I got to visit other depots in Queensland and do further teaching with people, even if they were far from grateful with the change we were training them in. The opportunity is what matters for this article’s purposes and it’s what matters to me.

The other significant accomplishment I  have is getting a regular game off the ground. Returning to GMing has been a welcome improvement and one that has lead to rewards outside the pleasure of storytelling for friends. It brings Neil into another group and it gives me things to write on The Manifesto. Rhys, Ness and Adam deserve weighty gratitude for being encouraging and supportive of what I do and they have been a joy with whom to share a story with.

In terms of friends, I made new ones from the Steampunk side of my life, and it is grand both in number and quality. This has, unfortunately, chewed up time I would spend with old and dear friends though and I believe I’ll have to reconcile that in 2010. That said, each person who I can call ‘friend’ has demonstrated themselves to be people of exceptional kindness, intellect and humour and it will be my pleasure to learn more of them in the new year.

It does need to be said that Karen and Neil rule for the New Year arrangements (Dracula’s by way of limo) and Liam and Katherine’s foray into parenthood demand attention that I am all to happy to provide.

Need to get this posted and I think that’s a solid accounting. Also need to write up many other things including 2010’s goals.

Happy New Year!

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