Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Screen – Part 10: Pause and Reflect

Ten entries! This makes for a new record…

There are still things I want to talk about when it comes to running a role-playing game but I think here may be a good time to review. Originally the idea of these articles were to encourage me to write about something, as well as to examine my processes toward creativity.

Looking back on the nine entries so far, the focus has been around the golden rule for every game and group: Have Fun. If it’s not fun, then it’s time for something to change. This is entertainment, not a captive audience to appreciate your writing skills.

A lot has been said about the mechanics and I’m pleased to be taking another look at timing in games. It is one of the challenges of the role of storyteller to decide when to cut and what to keep. Worse still if you’re doing it while you’re telling the story. I’m hoping to touch on the timing element in future installments.

Insight into the creative processes does seem to be lacking. I’ve touched on how the idea for the Adventures of the Colt Apollo came about and what techniques were employed to coax it into being, but I don’tthink I’ve attended to the right-brained side of storytelling, rather looking at the toolbox of techniques instead. Which is also important, particularly as your brain works best when both hemispheres are talking to each other, but a fair chunk of these articles have been technical and now it may be time to look at the creative.

Most importantly, this articles have been fun to write and the means by which I can examine my ideas outside of my head. So I’ll keep it going until it stops.

In the meantime, vows of personal creativity aside, I do want to write about the player side of things as well. So I’ll likely kick off the next ten articles like that.

Not much by way of information for anyone else here, but I did want a moment to pause, consider and respond to what I spend a lot of time thinking about.


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