Colt Apollo: First Salvo Part 2

There are few things larger than the transcontinental vessel that plows its way from country to country. Unfortunately the airship now shared its skies with one of those before it could return to the bosom of New York City. Namely, a Samson Class Zepplin from the Russian Armada.

Built and flown for war, this valkyrie of canvas and gas boasts powerful machine gun emplacements as well as a contingent of Russian Aeronautical Assault-men. In war, it is unopposed. And now it only had to overcome a civilian transport and three federal marshals.

Calling for immediate surrender and the return of Nicola Tesla, even Octavius could see that he was outgunned. But, he was far from out-thought! He charged his companions with the duty of stalling their captors while he and Tesla went to the canvas balloons with which to hatch a plot. Jack smiled as she unholstered the lightning-coil guns and, employing a deadly transfer of energy between the paired weapons, sent a bolt of lightning into one of six main engines of the Samson Class Zepplin. Stalling it.

Kane, content to let Jack look after this, turned his attention to the zepplin’s liquor, though this investigation was halted as the previously defenestrated Russian leader, through skill and chance, had escaped the vagaries of gravity and returned to settle the score with the Marshal of the Mountains. The two giants hurled themselves at each other sending bottles of spirits smashing to the ground. Each traded blows and, it seemed, that Kane had met his equal in strength and fortitude.

Meanwhile, Octavius and Tesla, availing themselves of wire located in the maintenance hatch, had set about undoing the tethers that kept the balloons of gas from freely roaming about the canopy of canvas. Each balloon was fashioned out of silk for its light yet strong properties, but it was neither that Octavius was intereted in. Instead, he used the wire to harness the large amounts of static electricity generated from each of the mighty balloons rubbing against one-another. Tesla wove the wire into a single strand and then looked for the appropriate firing mechanism.

The Russian Zepplin had suffered at the hands of Lightning Jack and set about returning the favour by way of a strafing run from one of its gun emplacements. The bullets punctured the canvas but, by design of the multiple balloons, agitated even more by this assault, any descent would be gradual unless enough balloons were destroyed. Jack wasn’t about to let that happen and foiled further onslaught by destroying a certain configuration of propellors that prevented the second bank of guns from being easily brought about. However, battle with the zepplin was to be delayed as Kane and the Russian were unable to best each other!

Blow for blow, each one failing to stagger the other, it seemed that no clear winner would be found before the zepplin destroyed them both. Jack decided to speed things along by firing at the Russian, stunning him with volts of ammunition. Kane took the opportunity to grapple the stunned soldier and hurl him, once more, out the window, hoping that providence would not be as kind. With one victory one, the war still loomed as the zepplin made ready to destroy Tesla, his rescuerers and the airship once and for all. However, Octavius and Tesla had made ready as well.

Feeding the wires into Octavius’s grappling gun, the benign invention was put to deadly purpose as it fired into the gun emplacement. Hardly dangerous, unless the emplacement is stocked with ammunition and the grapple’s cord is attached to a massive dynamo of electricity! The ammo dump exploded as lighting arced into the zepplin’s superstructure and, before long, the Russian’s vessel was alight. Victory, however, was short-lived as the damage to the Marshal’s airship and gravity came to an agreement that sent the vessel into a sharp decline.

Crew and passangers slipped and tumbled toward the shattered windows of the zepplin as floor turned to wall. Fortunately Jack and Kane had secure handholds and were able to rescue those that didn’t without casualty. The airship’s fall was mostly arrested by the remaining inflated balloons and the vessel came to a rest in Manhattan harbour. Rescue was quickly enacted and finally, the Marshals got a chance to rest before their next mission.

That mission was to deliver Tesla to a town called Ascension in Arizona by way, fortunately, of train. Further instructions would be waiting at their destination. The journey was without peril, though the destination itself was simply a train station and a hotel in the middle of the desert. Jack, Octavius and Kane, before they could question the accuracy of their instructions, were met by a Sheriff Benton and three large cargo trucks with which to transport all of them plus Telsa’s prodigious equipment and supplies. When asked, the Sheriff was reluctant to answer any questions until they all arrived at their destination proper.

After three hours of driving past the rocky pillars and plateaus of Arizona, a structure man-made and no less mountainous caught our heroes’ attention. A gun, biggest ever seen, pointed at the heavens. They were informed that it was called the Colt Apollo.

It would put man on the moon.


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