With Some Trepidation

Okay, I’ve decided to try Facebook for the total of one month.

Should this deliver things of interest and goodness into my life, then I shall continue to use it.

Should this maintain my standard of living, chances are it’ll atrophy like many other web-based shadows of mine <looks around> man it’s dusty in here…

Should this prove to be that which I suspect it to be – a sinkhole of time with limited to no reward – I shall discard it and take solace, as I often do, in the rightness of me.

I’m off to an ambivilant start as I’ve just been asked for my date of birth.  Fun…

Experiment commences NOW!



  1. It’s a sinkhole, but only if you let it be. Best pieces of advice I can offer are that people will try and get you involved in the whole App thing – just don’t go sending any of your own except in response to the ones you get and you’ll minimise the crap you have to deal with when you log in. I have one friend who sends me about four billion fairies, crystals and words of wisdom etc every day and while I appreciate the thought and don’t have the heart to ask her to stop I’m not about to send her anything new either.

    It’s not bad for bringing everyone into one place though, and I have caught up with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a very long time since I joined. Enjoy! đŸ™‚

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