Shotgun Post

  • 13:11 I’ve decided that I’m watching Read Or Die OVA anime tonight! #
  • 13:12 Normally my source of inspiration for 60’s Superspy Action, tonight I shall shamefully rip-off its steampunk ideas! #
  • 13:17 Of which include a Steampowered glider shaped like a hawk zooming through New York and a Steampunk Monkey King! #
  • 14:37 @lordriffington At least it wasn’t your heart #
  • 14:38 @thebellman You should be working smarter (read more caffeinated) than harder (read tired) #
  • 15:54 Just won awards in Safety and Environment for work done in the business. Now to see whether it has legs enough to take on rest of business. #
  • 15:56 By which I mean in the Support Services Awards – Made up of 3 Units, I and others won. Now it competes against rest of operational units. #

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