Shotgun Post

  • 09:17 Last day of being in my 20’s. Am awaiting something to drop from the heavens… #
  • 09:18 While I wait, listening to Hellsing (The first one)’s soundtrack. Had forgotten the awesome intro song… #
  • 09:19 I think the DVD I’ve watched the most times was a demo DVD which had Hellsing’s first ep on it. I’d been waiting for that series for 6 mths #
  • 09:20 The intro alone got replayed at least a dozen times… #
  • 09:22 While everything about Hellsing Redux is superior, the music is unremarkable, save for ‘Broken English’ which played on the trailer. #
  • 09:59 @thebellman Turning 30 leaves a bad taste in my mouth… #
  • 10:49 Sawing and hammering a floor above me. May be that what descends from the heavens is the ceiling… #
  • 11:03 Loaded statement from Springborg re election: Like lighting a fire and running around wanting credit for putting it out #
  • 13:16 Just had demo game of Munchkin over lunch. 3 of us at level 5 or 6 in 30 mins before we returned to work. #
  • 13:18 Thinking of web meme of changing site addresses to food. http://www.hotmeal.nom for example #
  • 13:26 Munchkin Bastardry: Using card to steal level from highest player with Vampire Race, meaning Ness got 1 level from two of us. #

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