Descent: Rock Bottom

“Try and take it on!? It’s the end guy and our biggest hitter won’t be back for ages,” I replied, not quite as shirlly as this setence alludes.

“If he’s strong, we’re going to need to weaken him before Mark gets back,” Ness replied.

Looking toward our still not inconsiderable amount of Conquest Tokens, I warily acceded to the idea. Ness moved her minature in range and rolled the dice…

It’s difficult to describe the look on Rhys’s face but it wasn’t very Overlord-sh. With one incredible roll of hearts and surges, Ness one-shotted the Big Boss, Gangsta-style.

Which demonstrates the awesome power of magic equipment in the right hands. Also the problems of ‘taking it easy’ on the new players so they can learn the way of the game…


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