Descending Further

Didn’t end up concluding this one…

On Sunday, Ness, Rhys, Mark and I picked up where we left off. Which was me behind one door with two hellhounds on the other side, Mark at one end of the hall, behind a group of Razorwings (Bat Monsters), Beastmen and Skeleton Archers. Ness was in front of the above group and looking at getting killed. Fortunately it was our action…

Ness and Mark opened up with a crossfire of magic after Mark closed the distance to a realistically acheivable range. Given that Mark had moved, he only got one shot. Ness got two. All landed, bringing the number down to half, but not enough to prevent Rhys from pounding on us in his action.

For my part, I decided to forgo the crossbow and employ the shiny new magic axe. Hurtling the door aside with a “Heeeeere’s Bargrom!”, he decimated one Hellhound in with a swift step forward and a swing. That was my two actions spent but I had an interrupt action prepared for my next turn so as to prevent Rhys from toasting me.

Then came Overlord Rhys’s strike. Concentrating his fire on Ness, he was able to whittle her hit points down with a concentrated attack from his remaining forces. Unable to soak all the damage, Ness scored a trip back to town at the cost of two conquest tokens. I was waiting for the Hellhound to make it’s attack when Rhys instead had the Hellhound step back a step. His strategy became apparent as my jaw dropped. The axe required me to be next to the Hellhound. However, it could get me at range. So gobsmacked was I that I completely forgot that I could have interrupted his move action with an axe to the back, but too late. Rhys produced a template swathed in fire and the shadow of it passed over me clearly. Still, I should be fine. I had three points of armour and five hit points. Rhys rolled:

2 hp
3 hp
2 surges
and a MISS!

Once again Bargrom’s luck had thwarted the Overlord’s ambitions and I could continue to gloat that my character hadn’t died.

Polishing up the remainder of the monsters in the next round, it was becoming apparent that warriors weren’t terribly necessary to the party’s success if you had the equivalent of magic tommy-guns at your disposal. Or crossbows and preternatural aiming.

All that remained, by way of unexplored locations, was the rune-encrusted door. Having retrieved a rune-encrusted key earlier last session, we took a chance on whether the two would work together and surprise surprise… And then things got really surprising.

Stretched out over another table, the dungeon unable to be contained to one piece of furniture, stood a yawning chasm. Behind it sat two giant spiders, two even more giant Manticore creatures and one giant, well, giant! Littered in what little squares remained on the grid where beastmen galore. The number of red creatures – red denoting a harder type of monster – was daunting. Fortunately the giant was the final boss. The question was, could we get to him and kill him in three shots?

First though, there was one other matter to attend. In front of the rune door was a gold treasure chest. Bargrom, by virtue of his uncanny ability to stay alive, had had his run of chests and Mark’s character, though dying plenty, hadn’t had the opportunity and so he got to open it. The chest creaked open and we were rewarded with more conquest tokens, money and a pick of items from the Gold Deck. The classy accessories for the discerning adventurer. Mark picked a card and revealed a new spell. A potent spell. One that would harm all creatures within three squares of his location! In other words, a magic suicide bomb where it would only be suicide for the monsters that decided to move in to attack.

Which is what Rhys had to do. Fortunately Mark couldn’t change to his shiny new spell until next turn, which gave Rhys hopefully enough time to bounce Mark’s arse out of the dungeon. In came the monsters but before that could happen, Ness and I had our turns, me staying back and clearing out some mess behind us that Rhys had pulled out of somewhere. Ness, moving into range and taking one of the monsters down. My extra action went to Mark so he could dodge the wave of attacks which were coming fast as huge monsters stepped over the chasm, hungry for a piece of plastic-minature flesh. Mark, however, employed his first piece of bastardry: Having a spell of telekinesis, he threw one of the upcoming smaller monsters into the yawning maw of the chasm. As the rest closed, his second piece of bastardry came in the form of a damaging aura that wounded the monsters close enough to attack. Then came Rhys’s turn.

It damn well took Mark down to one hit point but luck and sheer grit held him in long enough. Then it was our turn and his time to shine. Switching his weapons to the new spell, he rolled and in toss of the dice, both manticores, and three beastmen were atomized before him. Mark was killed shortly afterward in Rhys’s next turn but he had single-handedly taken down about six monsters on his own. Which left Ness and me to face the giant spiders and the Giant Boss by ourselves.

“I’ll take a shot at the boss,” Ness said.


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