This is More Cathartic than Anything So Head’s Up

If I actually remember, I’ll post another artist tonight. The next Behind the Screen will likely be tomorrow, depending on how things go tonight. In the interim…

Dealing with a lot of unknowns the last month. Some which have been resolved as late as Saturday, others which are still pending. Hopefully it will break in my favour but I won’t really know until the end of the week.

In addition to the visual learning, I’m also something of a kinesthetic. I prefer to be on the move when working. I can sit and do the mindless stuff and zone but when I’m out of it, I have to be moving in some form. My idea is that it gets the blood moving about.  Moving blood means more oxygen to the brain and that means more ideas. And that may be why I favour the Pocket Brain and keyboard setup to that of a laptop. I’m not really carrying anything more that fits in my pockets and I don’t necessarily have to have an intent to do something that would come with carrying a laptop. Instead I can focus on something else but remain assured that if I need to do something, the phone and keyboard are at hand.

I’m not big on the unknown. Well, put another way, it makes me uneasy – as it does with most people – but it isn’t a yawning chasm impossbile to cross. It’s when the unknown remains unknown, despite best efforts to embrace it, that it gets frustrating. Right now I’m waiting on my unit’s Property Manager to get back to me so I can decide whether I eat next fortnight or get a new apartment. I have a schedule designed that could very well be made up of hope and unicorns in lieu of actual hard numbers and data. The fact that both of these unknowns are linked by way of money, one fuels the other, is making it even more stressful.

Not knowing is generally something I prefer to deal with. If there is new technology, I want to be across it. If there are looming dates filled with events, I want to know about them to see what impacts with what. Change is less a factor if all the pieces are in front of you.

I have resolutions to keep and a lot of them are dependent upon knowing about new units and the new job. I really don’t have much patience for waiting on others today.


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