Busy Week

Bit of a busy week planned for the Manifesto. I’ve got a meme for tomorrow, another “column” for Thursday and whatever else occurs during the day. But there was something else I wanted to put up here which breaks the rules (such as they are) of my posting.

Part of the reason why I don’t link normally is because I don’t have that feature on the phone but the main reason is that I prefer to post my own stuff. I don’t plan on linkblogging just for the sake of filling a journal entry because that way lies Lolcat Porn. Please don’t ask about the Lolcat porn…

Last weekend I paid a visit to my old stomping grounds of Mackay and amongst the many and varied events that occured, as well as the trips down memory lane, I reacquainted myself with much of the imaginative talent that resides up in the humid north.

I also learnt about the artistic endeavours of one of my friends whose work, frankly, deserved to be looked at on a wider scale. So one of the impromptu projects done over that weekend was setting up a Flickr account and then photographing his works for online publishing.

Fast-forward to last week, it occured to me that I know a bloody lot of talented artists and I think it’s time that others knew of them too. So – starting when I can get back to the home computer and link again – this week, each new day, will see a hyperlink to a friend’s DeviantArt, Flickr, Elfwood, Photobucket or anyone else’s picture hosting site, for anyone to link to and peruse.

Because art should uplift and inspire and it seems that people could use some more of that in their lives.


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