Art Link: Lady-Dragoness

Lady-Dragoness, or Bec, is the newest of my drawing amigos and also proof that you can still make friends in the darndest of ways.  I’d noticed her on the train a couple of times (it’s hard not to notice someone who has purple hair) and at one point, saw her drawing away in a very battered black notebook.  For something she later claimed was ‘scribbling’ it looked very good.

Anyway fast-foward past several months and as I’m headed into work I feel a tap on my shoulder.  Bec handes me a couple of pieces of paper and says "I think you might be interested in this,".  Turns out it was for a gathering of the gothic community she was organising called Freak-Meet.  Unfortunately it clashed with ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not BMF (Brisbane Medieval Fair, for those in Mackay)’ at the time so, unfortunately, I had to pass.

Fast-forward a couple of months after that and I finally ran into her again.  After apologising for missing Freak-Meet, we got to talking about various things such as ‘What’s your name?’ and so forth.  After establishing common links in comics and clothing styles, she handed me her battered book of scribbles and there wouldn’t have been enough time to properly digest all of them if we were travelling to Beenleigh.

So, at any rate, introducing



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