Shotgun Post

  • 09:15 @thebellman Is it wrong that I am, so far, able to accurately apply your Lovecraftian Twitters to the affairs of my day? #
  • 12:35 Most good coffee will make other inferior coffees taste worst by comparison… #
  • 12:36 …Liam bought me coffee that taste so good that it improves the tastes of other coffees by, I dunno, spin theory #
  • 12:37 Further investigation needed/demanded to see of cupcakes share the same principal… #
  • 13:00 t’s like most good coffee is the captain of the football team. Cool guy but jerk to the nerds whereas this coffee is like The Fonz… #
  • 16:16 Rain! Now we’re cooking or, rather, not cooking anymore… #
  • 16:21 Supanova News: Bec & Lauren apparently going as Harlequins to some lucky bastard’s Joker. May go as Batman just to punch him out #

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