Shotgun Post

  • 08:28 @warrenellis I said ‘hello’ to the effigy of hair and juices I call Warren… #
  • 08:46 Everyone has at least on t-shirt slogan in them. Mine is “You can’t spell ‘Routine’ without ‘Ruin'”… #
  • 09:22 Pondering skinning and restitching the Manifesto… #
  • 09:51 Witness Statement: Take: I’ve lost bloody count #
  • 10:22 KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!’s heard around the world as Ricardo Montalban passed away. #
  • 14:28 @thebellman Interesting study on BBC on caffeine and how it contributes to visual and auditory hallucinations #
  • 15:03 Lord of the Rings MMPORGGER is the only one that has an excuse for wandering about where nothing happens. Everyone else is just lazy… #
  • 17:44 Sucking down an almost $5 milkshake before I decamp the airport. For once not picked as mad bomber despite all black get up and fedora… #
  • 17:45 Also was completely oblivious to the fact that one of my bosses was sitting across from me on the train. Possibly staring at phone too long #
  • 17:51 Also also, the airtrain station at the Domestic Terminal offers free wi-fi. And so I feel my ideas on wi-fi and waiting to be justified #
  • 17:59 Have seen two other bags checked in that look, on the surface, identical to mine. Hope they’ve got nice stuff… #
  • 18:00 Hell if I know why I feel inclined to blither at airports. I think it’s expected. #

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