It Used to be Easier Than This

I’m working down a semi-par Katsudon Pork from Suncrane in the Queen St Plaza and working on potential ideas for 2009’s resolution regarding running a game. I am eating it on both.

Time was, back in Mackay, ideas were a dime a dozen. Whether this had something to do with the heavy amounts of gaming we did, supplying a demand for stories and adventures on a weekly or daily basis or whether I was more enthused with ideas back then than I am now, the point remains that I’m far from thrilled with the ideas now.

There remains two genres/styles of game that I’ve always wished I could run: Westerns and Pulp. Both are games that haven’t been attempted in the circles I’ve travelled and both send me into paroxyms of nerdish giggling whenever I think of them for too long. The genres are still awesome, the ideas less so.

One of the things I noticed in the groups in Brisbane, as well as the ones in Mackay, was an embrace of the cliche. Quite often the excuse to ‘ham it up’ could provide a few hours of entertainment a week. I like cliches but usually in the postmodern use and perhaps that’s why I’m not taken with the ideas.

Also, not being bowled over by an abundance of plots I have to say.

Languishing, such as it were, as a player for a year may have starved portions of my brain normally used to facilitate my Game-Mastering. I suppose the only recourse is to take the stumbling footsteps forward into an actual game and hope I don’t bang my shins too often…


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