How Ridiculous Does This Sound…

America, becoming aware of Europe and China making strides in the advancement of space exploration, commissions companies to develop and implement the means to launch vehicles in space before them.

Only the time is 1880 and the companies commissioned are Ithaca, Colt and Smith & Wesson, to build and fire the first space gun…



      • It is a solid concept, love to see how it pans out if you get some fluff written. I’ve been working on a setting that’s sort of The Dark Tower meets Man From Snowy River, though that project has been sidelined since I came up with what may be my grail as far as psuedo/mediaeval swordplay mechanisms go and that’s now getting all my attention that isn’t taken up by work, girl and band. And once I get some numbers balanced I may try to persuade you to take a look at it, you being a mediaeval martial artist of sorts, to see how it stands up on the realism/playability scale.

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