Thebellman provides some advice on the livejournal debacle as well as the notion of transferring/archiving entries, which has got me wondering about what I want to do by way of online activity in 2009.

The Manifesto was created around 2006 and was really done on a spur-of-the-moment. Flash-forward to 2007 where I created a Flickr account. It wasn’t until shortly afterward that the notion of using a Blogger system could have made for some additional tools invaded my headspace and squatted with the rest of the doubts and ideas.

Given the situation at LiveJournal, there may be some wisdom in jumping the gun, transferring entries and starting fresh on Blogger. Reluctance – silly as it is – comes in the form of re-establishing links to the community given form within LiveJournal, though I attribute that largely to the basic primordial reluctance associated with change.

The alternative would be to finally bite the bullet and go on Facebook; running most things from there. Which would make many people happy but I swear the amount of time that seems to require verges on eyebrow-raising. There’s a reason why I stopped playing MMORPGER’s after all.

The main criteria is that it needs to be able to take text from the Pocket Brain and regurgitate that into the open mouth of some online journal/social networking page. Blogger would cover that neatly; Facebook should, I suppose. A third alternative could be looking at Nokia’s Lifeblog/Photos software though. Basically it compiles all the pictures and text that I generate and throws it up on a page in a neat timeline layout. This, however, is not without cost. Not just in terms of buying Lifeblog, but also in transferring data…

When the Nokia N97 gets released, sometime in the third quarter, I’ll re-examine the phone plan with Vodafone. Maybe see about 3. Don’t get me wrong, Vodafone have been especially swell guys, but a gigabyte transfer limit is a temptation I’m not sure I want to overcome.

But that’s neither here nor there. Evidently I’m going to have to play with Blogger and, sigh, Facebook and decide from there.

Of course, I could just ride LiveJournal over the waterfall and see if it floats again…

Third night on five hours sleep. Ignore the more non-sensical portions. Might actually get some snooze about February.


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