The Shape of Things To Come

2009 really doesn’t start for me until work does, I find. A lot doesn’t start for me until work does. Perhaps this is because of the, lets face it, major impact that it makes in all our lives but also because it sharpens my mind on things that I’d rather be doing as well. (Must look at that sometime).

One of the things that I’d been pondering was the role of the Digest Manifesto (Twitter Account) and how it seems to have supplanted the Actual Manifesto (LiveJournal) insofar as content goes. It seems to be a crutch for putting content up on the Manifesto, which was not its intent. This means I need to start generating content.

In order to generate content, I need to start developing ideas and 2009 seems a good a launching platform as any, so…

Things to do in 2009:

Take 5 pictures a week.
Lose 8 kilos
Codify Munchkin Royale (And soon)
Get a game going (Abyssal Online and one other that’s been percolating since mid 2007)
Get a paid account for Livejournal
Buy a sword
New apartment
Mix various groups of friends
Buy a new computer
Take a course in something. Photography, likely.

That should keep me busy for a spell…


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