The Balance Sheet of 2008

2009 is apparently the day we started spiralling toward the sun. Have abandoned the apartment with Pocket Brain, keyboard and locating any spot where the temperature isn’t sloughing flesh off in waves of sweat.

The Balance Sheet hasn’t always been called that, but its purpose is such, nonetheless. In the early side of the 2000’s there was one New Year’s Eve that, frankly, was spent by myself and in a shitty mood. I wanted to mark the occasion in some way at least and so, again with keyboard and whatever coolness I could hoard, I wrote about this year and what had lead me to this situation.

I found years after resulted in a change toward the good– or maybe I could only go up from where I was, but it is a tradition I like to keep going. What makes it different is that it’s something I’m going to share.

So 2008…
I got a girlfriend, lost a girlfriend and got her back again.

I saved money for a camera, lost the money for the camera and then was reminded of the calibre of people I surround myself with. Also, I got a camera.

Same apartment as the last year. For something that was meant to be temporary, this place has grown on me a little. I learnt that I have generous and friendly neighbours, regardless of the stereotypes they portray. Unfortunately two of them have sinced moved.

(I need to concentrate on doing that as well. Air conditioning is becoming a necessity. Also, I have other plans…)

I started out with a higher position, lost the position but gained another one with better development opportunities that’ll start when I return next week.

I bought a rapier! =)

I made it to Provost in a year, so goal met!

I lost about seven or ten kilos, X-Mas and New Years should explain the variance.

I met new people, made new friends, played new games, but I haven’t run any. This needs to change.

I lost a phone but was given the excuse to buy a better one.

And as a result, I’m writing more.

I saw two of the most well crafted superhero stories to ever challenge the genre in the form of The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

I saw many movies and I can’t recall one that made me regret watching it.

I met two authors; Matthew Reilly and Dr Karl.

I have continued my education in piano after a 24 year lapse.

I have many Munchkin sets and friends with which to play them with.

2008, with one noted and easy-to-deduce exception has been good for me. I think I’ve something of a headstart for 2009


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