The Chase

I’m up early, secondarily because it’s still hot, that peculiarly the heat of the morning is cooler than the heat of the night (Which shall be a song to haunt me throughout today) and primarily because I’m on a mission.

Morning preparations are hastened, perhaps more so than if I were getting ready to work. I walk down to the collection of restaurants and banks to obtain money for transport needs. While there, I wait behind a man who, while punching buttons inquiring about two accounts and while keeping a taxi’s meter running, tells me that he’s just got back from Laos, Vietnam and China. The balance of his accounts will let him know if he’ll be headed right back to the airport for a trip to Korea. It is and he’s happy, as am I.

Now upon the bus I speed toward the city, pinning hope on the need that three boutique stores will be open on New Years Eve. A lofty hope, I’ll admit but one that gives me no end of excitement simply in the chase.

What I seek are:
A top hat.
A cravat
A brooch or pin.
And likely a shirt with which to wear the cravat.

Later today,likely during the trip to the coast, the Balance of 2008


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