The Chase: 10:38am

Surprisingly the cravat turned out to be the easiest thing to find. I envision the shirt will be next. Orignally I had plans for the cravat to be red but seeing as they only had one and it’s black, I’ll just have to do with the colour I wear just about every day. Woe.

Gothic Underground knows all it’s patrons except me today since it doesn’t open until 11:00, so I’m killing time by catching up with about two months of comics that have languished in my box while money has been bent to the purpose of buying presents.

Also got some new shoes for tonight. And socks, because one always needs new socks.

The top hat is going to be the embuggerance regrettably as Distinctive Accessories is closed until Monday– a dilemma already considered, so I’ll have to hope that Gothic Underground has one in stock.

That doesn’t break me financially.

And fits my mighty braincase.


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