A Wager Between Quirksilver and Myself

Okay, so the creative challenge Quirksilver and I hashed out at 12:00AM AT NIGHT!!! is such:

Quirksilver is going to go back to posting one creative thing a day.  And in doing so she shall gain practice and skill and will stop complaining about being bored.  And she will find me happy and accepting and open and tolerant.

All the things I’m not when it comes to lunch.  Which is what she will be shouting me if she doesn’t post a creative thing once a day.  As Quirksilver will be relying on this money for lunch while she’s vacationing in Japan, it obviously would be better if she holds true to the one creative post a day deal.

So, be it drawing, poem or otherwise, Quirksilver has until 12:00am each night to make this happen.  Or she’ll learn that there’s no such thing as a free lunch and I’ll learn there is.

Tell your friends…


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