Shotgun Post

  • 10:44 Photos culled to inch of life. Relaxing standards so that I have SOMETHING left. Those that survive are at #
  • 10:46 Also, goddamn hot today! Seriously, summer, what’s your beef!!?? #
  • 10:47 Summer answers by upping the temperature a couple of degrees. Summer is a passive-aggressive season. #
  • 13:01 Thunderclap rolled right over the house just now. Long, rolling, loud. Its still ringing my ears. #

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    • I think the responsibility there lay with MB, not you. The two times I have played with MB with sword and buckler, I made it very clear to all concerned that during that activity I was not participating in prima spada combat, but conversely was expecting the over-riding safety and courtesy conventions that apply for re-enactors under the QLHF guidelines would hold.

      • This is certainly the best way to engage in that type of combat, especially at Free-Scholar level. I agree this is MB’s responsibility but I am also concerned the way this has been addressed – by way of a blanket e-mail – could lead to problems.

        There wasn’t enough two-handed swords equal to practice, the combat was kept to Scholar level and MB is an experienced Scholar instructor. I think if any of these hadn’t been the case that this type of combat wouldn’t have been considered, let alone practiced.

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