And a Round for My Friends…

Day of regrets and bad news across the microcosm of my friends. Disturbing trend that I hope stops soon.

Despite self-depreciation and photos of Scholars and Swordsmen mixing it up (Hoping that doesn’t explode into a Thing) I’m pretty darn happy with a number of shots that were decent and am impressed with the Canon 1000D. Good for courtesy speed practice fencing. Interested to see how it handles with show speed. very pleased with the depth of field, as this was a prime motivator in purchasing an SLR camera.

Work computer has locked me out of the network and is unsure when it’ll deign to let me back in, so some thoughts:

Post about future settings in general and Shadowrun in particular has attracted the attention and comments of gaming group in Mackay. Listening to what Tim said and what Glenn posted has made for some interesting comparisons to what Vanessa and others have suggested. But more so than that is the similarity in thinking and execution that two groups, divided by 12 hours of travel, are displaying. An embrace of things cliched (Which has rich application in the RPG world), a shift backward from Shadowrun 4th Edition to 3rd and that both campaigns centre around the notion of war (Even if the stakes are radically different).

I put forward the notion that what may be limiting the genre of Shadowrun is infact, Shadowrunners themselves. For the unenlightened, Shadowrunners is the colloqiual term for elite mercenaries whose activities typically centre around corporate espionage. Which sounds fine in theory but play enough games and it all gets a bit samey. Which is where the idea of different avenues of character exploration comes in. Glenn is positing thoughts of desert/urban warfare in the future tech and Jason is tapping back into mythology and magic for his stories.

I put forward the notion of a CSI, police-based game – something I’ve attempted with little success – as a way of demonstrating the evolution of everyday life in a cyberpunk future, as well as the myriad ways of committing crime. The problem I’ve encountered in this style of game is how player involved/driven that interaction is. Typically this boils down to player makes a roll, GM imparts information based on level of success and player parrots that information back to the group (If you’re lucky. Typically its a “What he said” summarization).

What interested me in the GUMSHOE system – mentioned in earlier entries – is that story elements revealed through clues and investigation aren’t the result of chance (Watch a storyteller’s face when his players botch a roll designed to reveal critical information to advance the story) but rather driven by the characters sacrificing something tangible, in a matter of speaking, to learn more about your story.

This could probably stand to be rewritten so boiled down its this: One way involves the storyteller telling the player everything and the other involves the player actively learning more about the story you’ve taken the time to construct.

More on this to follow later…

I’ve not really been abreast of current events in a conventional sense but lately I’ve found, now that I have the Pocket Brain, that I’m craving news and information on rapidly updating level. I’ve wondered if it represents a change that I’ve deliberately sought, or whether its because of the opportunity afforded to me by mobile technology. For sure when I get back home the last thing I want to do is anything that requires effort, which is why I could insulate the apartment in DVDs at present. The day, if by virtue of the fact that the brain is conditioned to work during these hours, has been demanding more information since the Pocket Brain’s purchase and its a shift in thought and operation that I’m curious to understand.

I’m wondering if its a new challenge, I’m after. And what it is that I’m looking for.

At present, according to Twitter and such, an air-conditioner seems high on the list =)

Time to concentrate more on the writing perhaps…


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