Week in Retrospect

Well, I’ve taken a week off work, taken in a number of new restaurants and, consequently, taken on a few extra kilos, I’m sure.

Friends visiting from Mackay hasn’t left me a lot of time to touch base with the other LiveJournals, let alone this one, so let’s see if I can condense the week down in to something manageable:

Monday saw a plane touch down with friends safely delivered. In a unique approach, it was decided to get the shopping and spending out of the way, first day of the holiday. I roughly calculated that one of them spent approximately $200 per hour over four to five hours. Seeing as they hail from Mackay and Cairns, they don’t have as much access to the things we take for granted. Also they’re about as nerdish as am.

After paying for the wide grins on many a storekeepers’ faces, we adjourn to the Sofitel where I introduce them to the fun of Munchkin. Again, being as nerdish as I am, it doesn’t take long before I must employ sheer bastardry in order to hold my own.

Dinner is taken at the fantastic Wagamama’s where the addictive delights of warm sake and chilli squid in lime sauce is introduced and applauded and then its the slow haul back to the Sofitel for general catch up over more Munchkin. I lose this hand.

Tuesday, the agenda is somewhat more specific: We’re going to try out the Blue Room Cinebar for Quantum of Solace and then we’re going to try Korean BBQ for dinner. Unfortunately what we didn’t count on was Hanz Moleman (The resemblence and voice was so creepy I expected him to have three fingers and a thumb. As it was, it barely looked as if he could touch the brake) behind the wheel of the 475 to Roseleigh. Only it wasn’t the 475 at all and it makes perfect sense so long as you don’t look at the big lit sign above with the windscreen.

So abandoned at Roma we decide to forego public transport as the movie time is approaching and taxi it instead, only to be thwarted from our goal by some 20 minutes. The next session is at 4:00 so we opt to wait at the local gelati cafe.

There is going to be something, I suppose, written about Quantum of Solace but I will say this right now:

I enjoyed it a lot.
It is not as good as Casino Royale.

I blame this on the change of directors and editing more than anything. For anyone whose seen it, indulge me in this exercise: Think back to Casino Royale and see if you can describe the construction parkour chase scene to someone. Now try doing that to any action sequence in Quantum of Solace. Once again, some idea of what you want to shoot, plus preparation, means you don’t have to employ the shaky cam/quick edit school of cinematography. But I digress.

Korean BBQ is something I haven’t tried before. Add to that was the discovery of eel on the menu, made for a new experience all round. For those who were in the boat I just abandoned: Korean BBQ means they give you about five different small side dishes as well as your own gas powered device for producing fire. This is accompanied by several slabs of raw meat of the type you requested, which is then placed over the fire. You’re then given tongs, scissors and other implements and told in to turn the meat over. And that’s it. Fortunately neighbouring tables seemed to have the idea and we muddled through it without killing ourselves with botchelism and the result was a very tasty meal. Also, eel, which thankfully came out pre-cooked has the texture of fish but a taste that’s just a faint hint of pork. It feels like you’re eating the softest pork rib that’s ever been broiled and is an experience I’m keen to repeat.

Also, the service was good. I attribute this mainly to the fact that we have the means to burn their restaurant to the ground right there on our table and demand similar fire-based incentives be implemented in restaurants across Brisbane.

Munchkin again, along with the introduction of a new friend in Brisbane that one of the Mackay chaps knows. The new guy manages to learn the rules and win the game first time out of the box. This would be surprising if I hadn’t played with Lee.

Wednesday I have to adjourn for piano lessons and leave the fellows to their own devices as they gear up for visiting Dracula’s. For many it’s their first time and I’m keen to get their impressions. Which weren’t much as apparently one’s stomach disagrees after a jug of vodka lime and lemonade and three bottles of red.

Oooh, sidebar: Tuesday’s Munchkin was played over a bottle of Luchador Shiraz, the bottle of which I’m going to be posting on Flickr very soon. It’s Lucha Libre, Mexican wrestling, despite that the only border this wine is south of is South Australia. Surprisingly it doesn’t suck, though it didn’t “Bodyslam my tongue” as the description on the back of the bottle indicated.

Anyway, a jug and three bottles, plus there may be things I missed in the inventory came gushing out 2/3rds through the performance and kinda put paid to the rest of the night. Considering I’m going to be visiting Dracula’s on New Year’s Eve, something tells me I was fortunate to dodge this particular bullet.

Thursday was spent mostly in recuperation as I’m filled in the particulars of Wednesday evening, which apparently involved to taxi trips and a call to the ambulance as it was thought that Pukey McVomitalot might be suffering from alcohol poisoning. Fortunately this was not the case and he lived to regret it the next day. A greasy breakfast and a spate of shopping was the order of the day before I departed for fencing in the hope to mitigate the fallout taking place on my waistline. Suffice to say it was an early night for the gang.

And today I see them off after a good and nerdishly lengthy conversation about the Shadowrun scene-setting several posts back. I’d missed these involved discussions that Tim and I would engage in that would often wind through midnight and out to mid morning.

A most enjoyable week guys; glad you spent it here.



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