Fighting flood and fouler circumstances aboard the train to Brunswick – apparently something’s wrong with Central – I finally land at The Zoo, guided by sounds that defy category and genre: I speak of The Birthday Massacre.

Right now they’re playing Holiday, very nice. I’m waiting for Blue. If they play Blue, there is little left in this world for me to do. Blue is the first song of theirs I heard and it’s the song that saw me go a day without food so I could buy the mp3.

Yes, buy the mp3– neophyte that I was to the vagaries of internet transaction yet so driven to actually pay/reward this band for hitting me with something so different, so unique that I surfed uncharted bandwith and bought both albums.

Incidentally I have Warren Ellis to thank for this. Independent or starting bands submit mp3s which are then wound together into the Superburst Mixtape, or Apparat Single, or Sleepless Radio as its now called. Superburst 15 I think, which didn’t have much else that was special but while I was coding a website for Dad, something that started out innocent and childlike suddenly warped into the unwholesomely terrifying. Like if somebody took a nursery rhyme and suddenly added a chorus of deathmetal.

By the way, women can scream deathmetal as good as, if not better than any man to deepthroat a microphone.

So now I’m sheltering against the rain, thunder and lightning drowned and dimmed by blacklight and bass. I have a glass of Sambucca, I’m in the company of beautiful gothic people and I only have to work for one more day until I get a week off.

This, everyone, is exactly what I imagined Brisbane would be like.

Ooh, they’re playing something new, live for the first time. I’m offski.



  1. Hee. So that’s where you were off to. Better than me – I’m going to sit around for an hour or so with the jitters about getting my teeth out tomorrow, and then try to sleep. You probably won’t see this til tomorrow, but enjoy yourself for the rest of the concert – the Zoo is a great venue when there’s a good band in it!

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