It’s Win! Condition Win! I am Made of Win! MY GOD, ITS FULL OF WIN!!!

And so, at 11:06, The Birthday Massacre went offstage; Blue unsung, and yet despite this, I, standing one row deep, bass pounding blood and adrenaline through me like child-labouring steam-powered engine, I was happy. I was palpably happy. But it wasn’t finished yet…

Like a wave, the clapping started. It started slow, undulating through like some actual being that pushed and shoved its way to the front, and each person it touched caused the applause to increase in sound and fury signifying everything– fucking everything!

And then clapping wasn’t loud enough. Raw bloody stumps caved into each other over and over until the feet started thumping into the floor and the pace got impossibly quicker. Hands clapped, feet stamped and it built as loud and as furious as the storm outside, so very loud and hard and fast that the floors shook and the walls seemed to buckle under the pressure.

And just when it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to clap any louder or any faster, on comes The Birthday Massacre. They come back, sweat pouring and sending waterfalls of makeup streaming down their cheeks and that was when the played Blue.

And as she sang the line line “Tears for you”, balanced on nought but platform boots and the thin precipice between stage and fans, she leant out, reached one row deep and, meeting my eyes, touched my outstretched hand.

Thank you and good night!


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