Things I Need to Have Happen

First of all, this connection needs to be back to civilised ADSL2 and not the neanderthalic nut-scratching speed that I’m forced to use.

Fortunately that happens tomorrow.

Also, I think it’s time I made this journal into something more.  The free account is a mouthpiece but if I want to avoid relegating this to a linkblog, it’s probably time I opened up the things I can post.  Such as pictures and such.  So I need to put money into the account and pay off the accountants at Livejournal.

Need JB Hi-Fi to keep their specials going for a couple of weeks longer.

Need to see if gadget exists to send content from SD Card to mobile phone by way of Bluetooth (sans deskstop or laptop) exists.  Because Nokia’s N96 has a micro SD card input while the 8 gig doesn’t.  But that’s okay cause I think I might have found something and if I’m right, Shadowrun 4th Ed technology comes a little bit closer to my life.

No Liam, this does not involve me getting a SD Card reader embedded into my forebrain.  Though really, how far are we away from that.

Also need Bluetooth Dongle for Home PC so as to spare myself the laborious task of plugging a data cable into the back of computer.

Need some constant reminder in place that warns me not to eat food while watching Fringe.

Need some way of Livejournal remembering who I am when logging in via mobile, so as not to have to log in via mobile.  Makes it easier to read Friend’s list.

Also need justification to spend obscene amounts of money on a Bluetooth digital projector for mobile phone.  Doesn’t need to be much justification, just needs to be more than "cause it’s cool".

Also need someone to stab Jason for taking me into the store and insisting that those behind the counter show me the digital projector.

Finally, need it to be tomorrow so at least most of these things can happen.

Still at least the connection is tolerable enough to sort the Flickr account out.  Uploaded some new photos, etc.

Hmm, need to pull finger out and get photos of fencing events on Flickr.


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