Ha ha ha! Elected.

Informed today that in the world of Marvel Comics – Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man and Hulk – saw Stephen Colbert as President of the United States.

For Delia’s benefit, this is the voice of Phil Ken Sebben.

In other and somewhat sadder news, Michael Crichton passed away after a fight with cancer.

Reading this novel the first time in 1997, it bowled me over that it was published in 1969. The predicted advances, the thoughts behind decision and action– I’m not sure whether it’s the novel that’s timeless or whether Crichton is one of the futurists of our time but still…

I didn’t really read all that much of his work though. Andromeda Strain was recommended by Karen. Rising Sun was a gamble when I found it in a second-hand bookstore and turned out to be one of my favourite books. Tim continues to applaud the Jurassic Park novels (Or is that just the first one, Tim?) so it’s likely I’ll have to peruse that at some point.

Also some people in California deserve to be kicked regarding Proposition 8.


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