The Race That Gives Me An Excuse to Dress Up

This is, in and of itself, not a bad thing at all. I had resolved to not get dressed up after the affair in which I did get dressed up, arrived at work and they decided to cancel the contest due to only four people entering.

I was bitter, yes.

But when I realised I had an excuse to bring out the Kirk’s Fob Watch, my tune changed so quickly it can’t be measured by time as we know it.

The ensemble is:

White collarless shirt with gold and black jewelled button.

Black embroidered waistcoat

The Clockwork-Punk Fobwatch

Black suit. (I really need to hunt down a coat with tails)

Thought about buying a tophat but didn’t think it would go with the outfit.


1 Comment

  1. Hee.

    I maintain that you need fancy neckwear to go with the rest of your finery. I’ll be really impressed if you make the effort to learn how to tie a bowtie or a cravat properly.

    As far as tail coats go, mine was a lucky find at an op-shop, but in all likelihood it only ended up there because the original owner grew out of it and probably only wore it once.

    Yes, I suspect a top hat wouldn’t go so well without matching tails.

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