The Courier Mail provides some justification for Australia engaging in Halloween spirit. Not that I needed the excuse to get dressed up goth-like, but it helps. Tonight we await the arrival of any small children in appropriate style and while we wait, we shall also be playing the appropos edition of Munchkin. Namely, Munchkin Bites.

Thought about Munchking Cthulhu but I’ll be playing some Lovecraftian horror over the weekend anyway.

Incidentally, a good way to get through the day is to pick up a Warren Ellis comic, discover that Ani Granov (Chief artist of the Iron Man movie) is pulling art duties and read a tale about Steampunk X-Men. And then discover that the entire script is included at the back!

Tomorrow, Lee and I engage in that most manly of traditions: The Road Trip.



  1. I’ve always done Halloween. I think it took me a while to realise that it wasn’t really an Australian tradition when I was little. This is probably because my parents let me do mostly what I wanted, which explains a lot about me.

    Tonight we await the arrival of any small children in appropriate style…

    Which is to say, sacrifical knives at the ready, I presume. =P

    Also: road trip? Disregarding the fact that that entire last sentence made me giggle, where are you going? And are you skipping fencing?

    • Knives are passing fancy when swords are about. Although Michael had a better idea of using nitrogen in a cauldron to create the rising clouds of steam and then tell them to put a hand in and grab some candy.

      There is no giggling! This is serious Y-Chromosomed business! And yes, this means no fencing for me tomorrow as we’ll be on the road somewhat early.

      Listening to Amanda’s Renfair mixtape. Things you say/sing make a horrific kind of sense.

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