Forked! As is “Stick One In Me, I’m Done”

Feeling wrecked today. The deep kind of tired that’s supposed happen at the end of the day.

Big shout-out to Cousin Daniel who, along with the rest of his band – Gentlemen’s Riot – blew the roof off the Corner Hotel in Richmond.

Apparently, as far as pub gigs go, it means you’ve arrived.



      • And here was I thinking I was the only family member who could wax philosophical on RPG settings too

        See statement re: Chronic Masturbation =)

        So what have you/are you [been] involved in, game-wise?

        Also, what’s next as far as the band goes? Tried looking at your myspace page but my capped connection is pitiful for one more day before it becomes robust again.

      • Used to play a lot of D&D, Rifts & Shadowrun in high school, played bugger all since, maybe two D&D campaigns and a bit of Vampire LARP for a laugh. My interest since has been more conceptual than in the actual playing. Been designing systems for over ten years, but never had the follow-through to create a full game, so I’ll I’ve got to show for it is an alcove in my study piled to the ceiling with notes on funky mechanics and embryonic settings.
        Got one I want to get back on one day, scrapped together a gun combat system that just way too fun in playtesting not to revisit.
        Band-wise, we’ve got a couple of residencies in Footscray, our foot in the door for the Port Fairy Folk Festival next year and planning on getting some proper recording done when time and money permits. All’s on our myspace is a couple of home recordings.

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