I keep forgetting how enjoyable the cycling experience is. So much so that I often talk myself out of it while fumbling for the alarm.

My friend at Main Roads showed me a somewhat off the beaten path shortcut through a golf course. Which had me somewhat concerned, but its not like you’re sliding under fences and dodging security. By the looks of it, people have been using the track for a little while. That, combined with cutting through Gregory Terrace then from Boundry to Edward or Creek would save about five minutes. I think I’m at the stage where the time between walking to the train station and waiting, versus riding to work, is nebulous.

Reading the BBC news, I’ve noticed that Microsoft has announced a shift in strategy by embracing the “Cloud” network and online application idea, the framework of which will be provided in Windows 7.

Announcing Windows 7 already! If I play my cards right, I’ll end up bypassing Vista alltogether.

Though, except for the mobile blogging and the Flickr account, I’ve not really explored the potential of the online application. And I should at some point. Flickr has Scribd available for storing documents, which would be somewhat easier than the mish-mash file system I’m employing now.

But back to Windows. They’ve dipped their toe in the water in terms of providing services such as video, image and document hosting networks before; something I’ve been leery of. I’m happy to run the software of the computer, but trusting posts and images is kinda like trusting Karen to hold onto a Purple Goanna. I’ve viewed the various difficulties (of which I’ve had surprisingly few) of using Windows, but it’s not an experience I’m comfortable replicating in an online environment.

Though I imagine that may change and may infact already have for others. Established a giant as Google is, and as remarkably simple an interface as a search bar and two buttons are, the interface of Microsoft is so deeply embedded it’s technical evidence of the existence of Mitchondria or Zeitgeist. The idea of a Microsoft-handled internet experience – outside of Internet Explorer and so forth – may well be the bridge between the relatively new tradition of terminal-based storage versus open cloud accessability.

But there’s one other factor that tugs away. Microsoft Zune, the hand-guided, keyboard free, electronic desktop (Referenced in Minority Report and apparently prevalent in the new Knight Rider series) speaks of a longer view of Microsoft’s future if the applications are combined. Searching through documents could be as literal as shuffling pieces of paper– all online.

Though Zune, when demonstrated, took up a whiteboard and even if it were micronized to a portable state, is it a tablet-based piece of hardware, or something else?

More interesting will be to see how Google answers this. Google has the infrastructure already in place and the release of it’s phone model see’s a different approach to how Apple are handling the future. What’s Google’s answer to the Zune, I wonder. And how long do I have to wait before Google and Nokia become one and the same company?


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  1. Pff, cycling is all about cutting corners and finding weird routes to get where you’re going. I always go straight through the bottom carpark of the school at the bottom of my street, which, when I leave home at lunchtime to get to lectures, really confuses the kids and their teachers.

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