Boredom Which Degenerates Into Dissertation of Transformers. Exciting huh?

Brain is not engaging with much today. Would rather be at home repeatedly hammering at piano until noise sounds like music. Hoping burst posting will start things moving…

There is a sushi bar on Adelaide Street, just up from the David Jones Shopping Centre. Every time I walk past it, the line stretches the width of the shopping centre that, if the Starbucks shop being blocked off were smart, would take coffee orders while people spent their lunch hours waiting for a chance to purchase the delights inside.

I just walked past there at 11:15am and already the line is 10 people deep. I keep meaning to try it, just to see what the fuss is about but I think I’d need sushi for breakfast to beat the rush.

JB Hi-Fi have yet to match their price for the Canon EOS 1000D with WOW yet but I’ve got a week and a bit before I go shopping. And besides, bringing the WOW catalogue into JB Hi-Fi should get the desired price regardless.

Competing with the camera is the Director’s Cut (Also the theatrical release, I’m told) of Dark City on Blu-Ray. Didn’t get a chance to see it at the cinema and eagerly rented the DVD after much hype and hooplah from friends only to be disappointed with the speed and pace of it. Fast-forward two years and I decided to watch it again and absolutely loved it. Must have not appreciated the 1930’s pulp noir science-fiction setting the first time. The more cynical side of me reckons it has something to do with Melissa George being topless.

Also discovered that Transformers (The Michael Bay one) is on Blu-Ray as well. I remember loving it for what it was when I saw it at the cinema and so did everyone else I saw it with. Then some saw it again or read VG Cats, or, in the Kirk’s case, hated it on sight and somehow it became diminished.

I’m curious to watch it again to see if the same effect happens to me. There are parts that I can agree with: Megatron cruising the depths of space, only to be frozen in the relatively tepid temperatures of the Antarctic does strike me as silly; although I rationalize it by saying that he was in robot mode in the Antarctic and “Deep Space” mode in space. The lack of characterisation that the Decepticons got does rankle, though not so much for me as for others because it ties to the next part of the paragraph regarding the humans.

With Transformers coming to Earth then, frankly it has to be about the humans and their reaction to it. More than that, it’s going to have to be told from the human’s side because as much as there are fans of the Gen 1 cartoon and comics and so-forth, that cartoon was conceived about 1984-85’sh. A new generation whose formative years in giant robot cartoons weren’t necessarily Transformers or Voltron. In point of fact, it could very likely be tied to anime; and one of the staples about giant robot anime is that it’s mostly told from the human’s perspectice; the giant robot being the source of mystery that advances the plot.

Which brings me back to Decepticon characterization. If you’re telling this from the human’s perspective, and the robots are meant to be mysterious alien types – which kind of explains the designs being so unrecognizable – then the villains have to be ominous and so far removed from anthropromorphic presence as to make them truly as malevolent aliens as the script needs them to be. So while we miss out on the glorious interplay between Starscream and Megatron, it’s done in the service of laying the groundwork for future Transformer movie endeavours. And my suspicions will be confirmed if the upcoming sequel does engage with the Transformers in general and the Decepticons in the specific.

Of course they could be relying on the comic book tie-ins to provide characterization…

The movie is about giant aliens coming to Earth and how humans may react in a medium not necessarily a children’s cartoon/marketing ploy. It attempted to take it seriously, perhaps too seriously that it left established fans behind but I do find myself respecting the story decision.

Disagreements can be lodged in the comments section provided you’re interested in invigorated debate.

Also, I have no problems whatsoever with Shia Lebouf, either as an actor or as a human being =)

Also also, my irrevocable flaw with the movie was Optimus Prime uttering the famous “One must stand, one must fall” line and then cutting AWAY from what should have been an awesome fight to see a guy slide between the legs of a Decepticon and shoot him in the crotch.

In the time I’ve typed this, I’ve stopped four times to show people the genius of the wireless keyboard. One of them was a Vodafone sales rep. I could totally do her job =)


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  1. I loved the TF movie, but I am pretty sure the problem with it can be summed up in one word: Humans.

    Too many of them, for a start. And, well, I really really did not like Sam Witwicky. Not because Shia LeBeouf is a bad actor or anything. Because Sam was a crap character. He was for the most part whiny and self-serving. His tendency to embarrass himself and bumble about was irritating, because it didn’t come across as endearing – just stupid. I think his spiel about needing an A or whatever to get the car at the beginning was what set me off. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST WORKED ON THE ASSIGNMENT, YOU WHINY LITTLE BITCH.

    And do not even get me started on Michaela. ‘I’m totally the hottest girl in the school and all the boys adore me but I also had a super hard life and a secret OMGTWAGIC past (her dad is in jail or something?) and plus I am super tough and can drive trucks and shit without breaking a nail or messing up my hair or anything, and ALSO I am even so wonderful that I see past Sam’s dorky shell and into his TRUE SOUL and I love him for who he is and everything!’

    Blech. I could not say ‘Mary Sue’ fast enough when the whole ‘hard life’ thing came up.

    Ummmm. I actually do like the movie though. Giant Robots!

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