If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

If I had half a brain; I would open up my own consultancy business for government. And it would be called Beta Test or First Pass or something similar. And what I would do is basically what I’m doing today only for more than shiny beads and rubbing alcohol. Which is take a policy or procedure and discover, through action, what the glaring fault is that has escaped people who are paid more to develop this process than I am.

I could retire in two years.

In other brighter news, a damper pedal for piano, while an extra level complication, makes for very cool sounds. Which is incentive enough to keep practising.

Hellsing Volume 9 is out today. Hellsing remains my one manga title I still read. Though I should get the latest Trigun and finish up X at some point but Hellsing still remains the epitome of cool by being unapologetically violent. It is, what Warren Ellis coined, a Fight Comic. By which its one rolling act of violence to another and the plot only serves as the downward slope that we coast effortlessly down into the next layer of violence.

Hmm, must compare new Hellsing anime to manga again and find out how, if at all, they handled pacing in between two different mediums.

With any luck the SLR camera gets purchased in two weeks. Joy!


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