Shout Out

If there are words that can better express the warmth, gratitude, privilage, humility and sheer luck that I have in friends as awesome as mine– then please feel free to use them instead of mine because this is the most I can conjure in the face of such overwhelming generosity.

To clarify: The surprise I received from Jodie yesterday turned out to be just one part of a massive conspiracy called Operation Camera. I understand that I have Tim to thank for masterminding this and him, Glenn, Jodie, Karen and Neil for donating funds for me to purchase another one.

The amount is breathtaking and has made things considerably easier in saving the money for the second attempt. It’s made things considerably harder in trying to show my appreciation but I’ll start in the most direct and easiest way I can:

Thank you.



  1. Oh my, what very good friends you have!

    So, soon you can join the PSUPC (Prima Spada Unofficial Photography Club). I expect we’ll have about 5-7 Digital SLRs within a year. My reign as head photo geek for PS is near its end! Hurrah!

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