Marquis of Queensbury Rules Kick Arse!

Polling has Obama at an even further staggering lead and the reason most common for why voters either undecided or against chose him was:

Resentment of the personal attacks on his character!

Disappointed to read that apparently the McCain campaign will step up the attacks on Obama’s character and judgement, apparently something they’d resisted doing (in some small part) to the annoyance of the Republican National Committee. But seeing as a double-digit lead is ‘Exactly where I want him’ according to John ‘I’m the Underdog… why am I the only one saying this?’ McCain, then I suppose it is a winning strategy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a win for Republicans, maybe they’re looking for a victory in spirit…

The final hurdles are the third debate and the tragically woeful method of basic arithmatic when it comes to placing a vote.

But seeing this strategy finally bite Republicans on the arse is an insufficiently small amount of icing to an extremly large and rich cake (SEE POST DIRECTLY BELOW FOR THE RECIPE!!!)


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