My God, It’s Full Of Win!

Dad stayed over last night as he was attending an engineering technology expo and, as tradition dictates, we went out to dinner.

In my suburb I’m particularly blessed with many fine eateries. The only thing lacking is a fish and chip shop that does good steak burgers. Having taken Dad to the Indian and Mexican restaurants, and eschewing Toscani’s because, hey, you can eat that any time, we ate at the Newmarket Hotel; a place that’s always been on my ‘To Do’ list but perpetually postponed.

Wow, wish I hadn’t!

I had the Prawn and Calamari Rissotto, sauteed in White Sambucca which was very nice, though pales (understandably) next to Mackay’s Church on George Street’s Bugs marinated in Galliano. Still remarkably tasty.

After an unsuccessful attempt to explain the fine qualities of Wagyu steak to Dad, he elected to go with the standard rump steak, maintaining that pub cooking always manages to produce the most flavoursome cuts of meat, regardless of preconceived notions of quality. Or rather:

“Pubs cook steak well so the rump is good enough for me”

And I have to concede the point to him, having tried a piece of his steak it really was an exceptional piece of meat that now begs the question as to HOW good the Wagyu must be. Experimentation must be conducted at earliest opportunity. FOR SCIENCE!

Big meal and bigger bike journeys typically lead to sleep but seeing as Dad was looking for something to watch on TV (Read: Something to put him to sleep or as he puts it ‘Watching in his usual style’) I set him up with Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother and then ended staying up to watch it myself.

Today was Ride to Work Day and frankly today has been outstanding as far as days go. Confidence on the bike route and bike handling in generral has translated to speed and I’ve managed to shave 10 minutes off my travel time. Also reacquainted myself with a friend from Spring Hill who has offered to show me a shortcut.

Free breakfast awaited at King George Square and I was laden with bagels, scones, OJ, coffee and, quite surprisingly Ice Break! Was also impressed at the number of cyclists that were present and I also got the chance to tour the Cycle Centre located under King George Square. It has showers and lockers and many things for the city-based bike rider and is a good start to encouraging people to make use of bikes.

Note I say ‘Good Start’. Obviously more work to be done regarding routes.

About 6, including myself, biked into work from RoadTek; one of whom trekked about 16kms on her first attempt.

In my haste to get an early start this morning I thought I’d left some essential things behind (Nope, still got all my clothes) but fortunately Dad was still at home and was able to locate and transport them into work with a little direction:

“Okay, the foldout keyboard is on the tubby crate next to the laptop, or under the laptop. If you shift that, then step around this you should be able to get the book. Watch out for the fan with no cover on it!”

Free Breakfast and Free Lunch today thanks to catered meeting, nice ride into work, catch up with friend, productive day at work and a very nice surprise from Jodie up in Mackay has made this an exceptional day.

Also my desire to get an SLR camera has been reignited as Dad showed me some shots he’d taken in New Zealand last month. Some very nice landscape shots of Mt Cook, some nice depth of field close ups on the flora and some frankly amazing shots he got of a seal colony, care of the telephoto lens. Dad ended up buying the Nikon D60, which appears to serve him very well just using the auto settings. He seems keen to experiment with the manual settings for some more nature shots and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to compare notes once I get some funds for my camera.


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