The Cycle Is Now Complete. When I Left Home I Was But The Learner…

Okay, I’ve made it to work and back so I know now that I can do the cycling thing.  Let’s break it down:


Very impressed with the lack of time I spent on actual roads.  Didn’t end up on any highways or arterials, some side streets but mostly it was bike tracks all the way.

Bike tracks themselves are nice places to ride.  Lots of trees and lawns, very picturesque.  Ended up touring through Victoria Park as well as some recently developed land over in Roma.  Not to mention a couple of parks here in Newmarket.

Also shaded route in morning and afternoon.

Wasn’t late for work, wasn’t held up on my way back home.

Didn’t die of stroke.

Didn’t die of hit and run and stray dog maulings.

Bike intact when I locked it up at work and brought it home.  This had me concerned throughout the day until I went downstairs to check on it.


Cycling is sweaty work.  More sweaty than given credit for.  You might well say "duh" but I had high expectations of perspiration and they were drowned in a torrent of sweat.

Bicycle chain slipped out.  Fortunately it seems I’ve paid more attention to Dad’s bike repair lessons than I thought.  Able to nut it out and put it back on.

Also, grease on hands and I didn’t bring a towel to wipe them clean.

earphone cord gets caught in gear switch.

HILLS!  Oh God the hills are alive with the sound of my swearing.

Time-wise I could stand to get to work and back faster.  I imagine that’ll come with practice and fitness.  Many people overtaking me though.


So all in all, a definitely viable alternative to public transport.  Tomorrow is Ride into Work Day and barring anything unforseen, I imagine I’ll keep this hobby rolling.


Also, note to Delia.  Songs you provided make for good cycling music.  Thanks muchly!

Dad’s coming in later tonight.  Going to dinner where I imagine cycling may be the topic of conversation.  Dad is an avid bike rider and rides 40 kilometres every damn day!  Which obviously pisses over the 10 kilometres I road today.  Also, he won a bike race from Townsville to Charters Towers last year.


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