Dull Day. Would Go Home But Did That Yesterday

Jodie’s birthday present shipped yesterday and should arrive tomorrow, if not today.

Also, the one-wheeled bicycle was extricated from Neil’s shed and sent to the shop for repair and service. Which should make it ready well before Ride to Work Day.

Yes, I’m attempting the Ride to Work Day. Because I used to ride to work most of the time, although that was only three k’s away and it was in Mackay. This one is about seven k’s away and in Brisbane so one way or the other, it’ll be something to write about.

Have a desire to do something creative today. Not much by way of work that’s going to offer an outlet. Not much to blog about either. Might try doing some writing and see what comes of it.



  1. It’s not the distance so much as the hills that’ll make it hard. Uhm. And the cars. Getting run over often offends.

    Write a story! Or some bad poetry. Or draw a picture?

    Speaking of riding bikes I should probably get off my lazy ass and make my way into town sometime soon. Sigh. Effort.

  2. You must have a very warped sense of direction if you manage 7 kilometres to get to the city…

    Following Kelvin Grove road, should you be able to vanquish the stupidly large hill, will be roughly 4 kilometers to the centre of the city.

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