Heroes Season 3, which indicates that the creative team wants to put Season 2 behind them, has commenced. They’re leaping on the fan feedback that’s craving more action and so the arc, titled Villains, is focusing on the powers versus powers scenes. Which is good. And yet the series is still getting panned.

Story plots and character actions have been questioned and criticized more than a little, just from the first two episodes. And some of these criticisms have a point: Some are just pointless nitpicking and some are justifiable from a character perspective that has been ignored by the critic. Okay injecting himself with something untested was pretty dumb of scientist Mohinder Surresh, but that which makes the individuals he’s studied powerful has always been his obsession. You could argue that his drive to follow the people who have continually put his life in danger as a stupid move and yet he always finds himself drawn back to characters such as Bennet or Sylar so injecting himself with something supposedly to give him powers is just the latest in the series of death wishes.

The travel back in time to kill the villain when he was a baby is the continual complaint of all fans of shows involving time-travel. What surprises me is that these complaints are being levelled at Peter and Hiro while one of the major plot arcs, the release of various supervillains from Level 5 WAS THE DIRECT RESULT OF MESSING AROUND WITH THE PAST!

Parkman eats something a stranger gives him and then asks "What’s in it?" Now I know that you’re all watching the same show and seen him wandering the African desert dying of thirst and so forth so really this is just trying to point-score. But even if we leave that aside, Parkman’s character has always been the overly trusting sort. His naevity is something that defines his character right from the start when he’s being interrogated by the FBI. He’s an honest man given the opportunity to invade others private thoughts. And yes you can point fingers at the time he stashed a bunch of diamonds but you’ll recall he did it because he was trying to support his wife and upcoming child. And the brief interaction he had with his dad where he let his guard down is even further proof. Parkman is trusting when he has every reason and ability not to.

Finally I’d like to point out that we’re only a handful of episodes in with reasons and mysteries yet to be fully revealed so criticising with only a 1/3rd of the facts is perhaps best left to the Republican party.



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