Travel Typing Time

As it turns out not only is my copy of Good Omens the best story ever AND signed by Terry Pratchett, but it also makes a good platform for the wireless keyboard.

Heading out to friends out north. Propped up by 2 hour collapse and can of Mother (Which has improved considerably) so am now awake to appreciate the journey.

By which I mean that I’ll be staring at a 240 x 320 screen the whole length of the way.

Many of you may know that I’ve been after an SLR camera in the last couple of months. Saving and starving produced some funds for which were used to purchase one on ebay for an excellent price. Or rather, it would have been excellent had the seller not been a crook.

Unfortunately I’m not the only one hit by this guy. A nice girl in Victoria and, if it can be believed, 9 other people have been similarly conned. The police are involved and we’ll see what that yields.

The next part is hard to write as it makes me look foolish. Despite the warnings ebay offers, I  -and I suppose the other 10 or so people – had opted to do a bank transfer as opposed to using PayPal as per the dealer’s request. As such the generous protections ebay provides aren’t of use in this case. Unless the police get this guy, my and many other people’s money is gone.

That was my risk to take and despite the fact that the ebay account had been opened since 2006 and had receieved many instances of postive feedback; and despite the identification necessary to open a Commonwealth Bank account, it still was a risk nevertheless. Just one that didn’t pay off. Which is why its a risk, one supposes.

At any rate we’ll see if the risks this crook has taken will be enough to prevent him landing in prison where his fate is something I don’t – in the interests of good taste – feel inclined to write here.

Just saw an ad for the sponsoring of youth sports teams with three children who look like they just got off the island after eating one of their own. Does not endear me to support local youth sporting team and instead to spend my money on sharpened sticks to fend off tribes of the filthy beggars.

Sticks that’ll be bought via PayPal, I assure you =)



  1. Oh no! D= And you were looking forward to it so much! That is the suck, my friend. *hugs*

    Boo for horrible people on ebay. You can use my (mum’s) d70 at fencing stuff in the meantimes, anyway.

    Also – why type things on the tiny phone screen when you have a laptop you could have taken?

  2. You have my complete and utter sympathy. I know what this damn camera meant to you and the money had to be tough to gather together. Good luck on the police front, you never know your luck. Hopefully the money is still in some Australian account that the police can get at.

    No smart ass comments from me this time. My condolences.

  3. I’m so sorry about the camera Ben. I hope the police can help you, however, money is never easy to track. Let us know how it comes out. Moments like these are never easy (Lee and I have been there). Life moves on and sometimes things turn out better than you expect. Chin up!

  4. Sucks about the camera dude. Though Kat and I would like to ask why the hell you may have been going hungry, if you’re strapped for cash catch a train back to my place after work and Kat will happily cook up a feed, actually if you have been not eating Kat may think you don;t like her cooking anymore. =D

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