Something Pretty To Look At

By which I mean the book.  Not me who has just provided photographic evidence of needing sleep.  There, my meme obligations are complete.

100 Bullets is stunning in both simplicity and complexity.  It hooks you with a simple premise:

If a guy came to you with an attache case which contained irrefutable proof of someone who had ruined your life, a gun and 100 untraceable bullets – guaranteed to invite no legal ramifications – what would you do?

And then seemingly unconnected stories of those confronted with this decision entwine into what is now roughly 96 issues of a vast conspiracy that still hasn’t fully shown its hand.  Which it should because the story ends at issue 100.

It does not play around with brutality.  It does not do things by halves.  It is grim and raw and brilliantly executed in both writing and art.  It embraces the Chandler-esque dialogue and mood and employs pacing and transition techniques that make it the envy of most comics, movies and TV shows.

This is not comics for kids.  This is a story that would be on HBO or Showtime if they could do it right.


Happy to learn that Team Benson has joined our LiveJournalist ensemble.


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