The Goddamn Batman of Supernatural Hunters

Moccha at Cafe East is not bad at all. Putting burger to the test.

Watched six episodes of The Dresden Files yesterday. Karen and Rhys are big fans of the book and have been suggesting them as good reading. I wanted to check out the TV shows first as one – it was more accessable to me at the time and two – if I was going to be impressed or disappointed in the series, let it be on its own merits.

Six episodes in and its suffering.

I don’t know whether this is just me and the amount of interest I take in shows themed around the supernatural but if the protagonist is facing werewolves, then he should be packing silver; vampires, then its garlic or stakes; and if its anything else then some kind of magic gun or hockey stick or something.

Why I like Joss Whedon is when he wants to escalate the threat, he doesn’t do it by making his lead characters stupid. Unless they actually have a weakness for something in particular that does turn them stupid, the threat escalation comes in the form of a villain that’s stronger, faster or better and the payoff comes from either the hero being better prepared, better able or some measure of lateral thinking.

Lateral thinking folks, not to be confused with foreshadowing. Serenity’s golden moments were when they covered their tracks when rescuing Inara or engineering the big space battle at the end.

Being obscure because Delia hasn’t watched Firefly or Serenity.

All too often, supernatural themed shows become inescapably hitched to the plot wagon of the creature’s demise. If it’s a werewolf then it’s no surprise that the antique candlestick conveniently in reach is made of silver. It’s a trench that writers keep digging themselves into when writing a supernatural themed show and it really should stop.

What is needed is a Batman of supernatural critter hunting. TV’s Harry Dresden is not this person, even a little* and a protagonist should not save the day by luck alone each episode.

*Even if you have a British manservant who also happens to be a ghost.


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