Reasons To Live For A Little While Longer

Two pieces of entertainment news I’m ecstatic about:

1: Stephen Chow is not only co-starring in the Green Hornet movie as Kato – made famous by Bruce Lee – but he’s also been commissioned to direct it!

Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle remain two of my favourite movies of all time because Chow understands that sometimes you can not only get away with style over substance but also you can end up with a good quality film and a tidy profit.

2: It’s been confirmed that a new season of Full Metal Alchemist has been commissioned! No further news on that front because of work restrictions but frankly that’s all the information I need.

Did some tooling around yesterday on Nokia Music because I had $15 to spend. Not bad, somewhat user-friendly and decent if not comprehensive song selection. The licensing protection may be the death of it though. Also it distributes in WMA format.

That’s my day made. Hope it made yours too.


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