Bored Now

Just about nothing on the phone memory – musically speaking – is doing anything for me.

Except for ONE bloody song from the Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack called Guns of the Patriots.

I don’t know why exactly I’m listening to this song over and over but I am. Have turned to volume 16 of The 4am Mixtape to shunt it out with something new.

New music may be called for. Will use Tuesday to go harvesting.

Metal Gear Solid as a series gets a mixed response of good and bad from people. Frankly it is gold in my view and one of those rare times where a character from a video game can make a cultural impression and not be an anthropromorphic critter or a plumber.

Got to devise a strategy for getting people to use bicycles for transport…



  1. Hahahah! One-song-on-repeat syndrome. I get that a lot. You know it’s going to make you hate the song, but it’s just soooo good and you can’t stop listening.

    I has many musics if you want to thief some, but I dunno what you’re after. Plus there would probably be a toll of ‘omg you have to listen to this song it is so cool’ in there.

    Re: bicycles – get one yourself and lead by example! Also maybe if you nag me about it a bit I will ride mine more often. Does that count?

  2. a handful of ideas to start with:

    1) bike paths that actually go places, rather than being 150m strips of concrete path going from nowhere to another nowhere;

    2) modifications to the major arterial roads to ensure that riding a bike on them is not an interestingly messy form of suicide;

    3) if it’s not possible to provide a means for bikes to be carried on trains (buses is a waste of time), at least ensure that there is ample secure storage for bikes at bus and train stations;

    4) require employers to provide change, shower and storage facilities;

    Or are you required to devise a strategy that fits neatly on a fan-fold brochure but does not actually require any significant and meaningful expenditure or legislation?

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